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My services include affordable upgrades and
repairs to all Windows based desktop and laptop
computers. I can also do Windows upgrades or if
required, format your drive and do a clean install of
your Windows operating system. I can ensure your
hardware, software, operating system and current
drivers are all installed and configured correctly.

I offer a free estimate. As soon as I have
determined the cause of the problem I will contact
you and provide you with the cost of the repair.
My service rate is the lowest you'll find anywhere.
Virus and Malware removal special on now at $55.00

Virus removal includes Spyware, Adware and other Malware
found on your computer. Many of these malicious and persistent
programs are not always detected by common antivirus software.
You likely have Malware if some or all of the following occur:

        Unwanted automatic fake Virus and Spyware scans.
        Browser start page has changed without your input.
        Random blue screens or error message windows.
        Unwanted toolbars appear in your Internet browser.
        Computer restarts or runs extremely slow or crashes.

Malware may not be visible however it executes in the background and consumes valuable CPU
and memory resources. There are new Malware programs emerging daily. It's very important
these unnecessary intrusive programs are eliminated so your computer can operate smoothly.
You'll be amazed how much quicker and efficient your computer will be once they are removed.

I now offer complete onsite service plans to small businesses in Kanata and Stittsville.
This includes all maintenance involved with ensuring the computers within your office are configured
to communicate and perform the daily tasks of your operation. I can implement a simple yet thorough
external backup solution for your programs and critical data. This service is available weekly, monthly
or at your specified intervals.

My goal is to provide low cost professional computer services. All of my work is backed by my no
hassle service policy. Your satisfaction is my number one priority.

If your computer is frustrating you, I can help.

Please click here to contact me, view my hours
and see a map of the location to drop off your computer.